Brazil Serra Negra


Brazil Serra Negra

milk chocolate & roasted almonds


"Serra Negra is a rich and smooth coffee that celebrates notes of milk chocolate & roasted almonds. Its mouthfeel is full and well-rounded with a soft citrus finish."

Origin: Brazil

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1100 Meters

Roast Level: 5

(0 Lightest - 10 Darkest)


Farm Story

Producer Paulo Roberto Cintra Coelho operates Serra das Araras Farm, a 21,914-hectare farm with 13,473 hectares of coffee that has been in the family for 60 years. He and his siblings and their spouses share the duties to preserve the family legacy: It was first bought by the family patriarch, José Altino Diniz in the 1960s, but Paulo Roberto began to transition to a specialty-coffee focus in 2015. The farm is 4C and UTZ/RFA certified. Multiple varieties are raised here, including Catuai, Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catucai, and Mundo Novo. The coffee is harvested with a mix of manual techniques and mechanical strip-pickers.