Colombia Pavon Finca Los Palomos


Colombia Pavon Finca Los Palomos



black cherry juice, yellow plum, raw sugar


"Pavon Finca Los Palomos is bursting with notes of black cherry juice, yellow plum, and raw sugar sweetness. This coffee has a wonderful balance of body and citrus flavors with a clean mouthfeel. "

Origin: Colombia

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1850 - 2100 Meters

Roast Level: City  -  ROAST LEVELS


Farm Story

Los Palomos is a farm run by Leonardo Henao, a man with a long history in coffee, though not originally as a coffee farmer. He's spent many years working as a liaison between farmers and exporters, and continues to do this type of work today with the export company we work with. A few years back however, Leo decided to make the jump to farmer as well, buying a plot of land in the heart of a region called Valle de Pavon, Urrao. Part of the property was already planted in very old Bourbon coffee shrubs, which were in bad shape after being abandoned for many years, but surprisingly still producing. Since buying the farm, Leo has replaced most of this original plot with new plantings of Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Gesha and a local heirloom they call "Chiroso". This highland region of Antioquia starts at 1850+ meters on the valley floor and coffee is planted at Los Palomos as high as 2100 meters. Cold water springs are plentiful and make for slightly longer fermentation times (around 24 hours), which lends to the unique cup profile we're finding in this particular area. The coffees we're buying from this region are often fruit-forward - due in part to the confluence of long fermentation times, high altitude, varietal, and climate - but with cleanliness, no edgy, or vinegar flavors that come with over-fermentation. Rains persist throughout the year seeing coffee on the trees every 3 weeks or so. Because of this, like Inzá on the opposite side of the country, Urrao generally has two "peak" harvests instead of the common "main" and then the much smaller "fly" crops.