(Decaf) Ethiopia Tebe Taye


(Decaf) Ethiopia Tebe Taye



(Decaf) Ethiopia Tebe Taya SWP
rustic dried fruit, berry, pine


"Chill out with this delicious decaf from Ethiopia. This coffee preforms best as filter coffee. At first sip, your taste buds are filled with sweet rustic dried fruit, berry, and pine flavors. By far this is one of the best decaf coffee our team has ever tasted."

Origin: Ethiopia

Process: Washed, then dry, then SWP Decaf

Elevation: 2000 Meters

Roast Level: City+  -  ROAST LEVELS



Farm Story

Here's our latest custom Ethiopian decaf processed by Swiss Water. This lot is made up of coffee from two different washing stations in Ethiopia's Uraga and Yirga Cheffe growing regions; Tebe Haro Wato and Taye Gedo. Most of the farms delivering to these two sites are growing coffee at or above 2000 meters above sea level. Both wet mills delivered floral cups, sweetly fruited and clean. The biggest difference between the two lots that went into Tebe Taye is processing. Half of the lot is wet process, the other dry process. While the Swiss Water decaf method is gentle and surprisingly retains much of the original coffee cup character, some volatile compounds that affect flavor and aroma are invariably lost to decaffeination. Adding a fruit forward dry process ensures that some of the fruited character makes it through to the final decaf, which is certainly the case here. I found this decaf relatively easy to roast, 1st crack being much louder than some other decafs we've had, and the surface color for City+ roasts looks pretty even in shade. I should mention that there are some small beans in the mix (likely as small as 14 screen), and Behmor users should give the wire grid drum a shake to let loose any of the smallest beans before roasting. This coffee was processed by Swiss Water in Vancouver, BC. If you don't already know, their chemical-free method only uses water (well, "water, temperature, and time" as you'll see on their website) to remove 99.9% of the caffeine.