Rwanda Rusizi Nyakarenzo


Rwanda Rusizi Nyakarenzo



caramel, apple, simple syrup


"Rwanda Rusizi Nyakarenzo is bursting with caramel, apple, and simple syrup sweetness. The sweetness is clean, and the cup expresses a range of flavors from light caramel sweetness to delicate and spiced cup accents."

Origin: Rwanda

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1730 Meters

Roast Level: City+  -  ROAST LEVELS



Farm Story

Nyakarenzo is a coffee processing site in the Rusizi District, not far from some of the other coffee stations we buy coffee from in the southwestern part of the country. The processing site is much lower than the farms they buy from, which is a much friendlier trek for those selling coffee - downhill rather than up! Nyakarenzo sits at 1730 meters above sea level and they process both fully washed and naturals. They have a nice flat area at the station that seems to get ample sun for dry process coffee and works quite well for setting up and tending to the drying tables. This is also supposedly the first area coffee was planted in Rwanda, a local King buying seeds from missionaries. We've purchased dry process coffee from Nyakarenzo in past years and this fully-washed lot is what caught our attention this go-around. The cup shows a range of flavors, is clean, ultra sweet and with complex aromatics. The color is uniform when roasted light making it easy to judge roast development from the physical characteristics of the bean.