Ethiopia Tekleye Bogale


Ethiopia Tekleye Bogale



strawberry, chocolate, fruit punch


"Ethiopia Tekleye Bogale was named after Mr. Tekleye Bogale the owner of the farm this Ethiopian coffee came from. At first sip this coffee bursts with strawberry, chocolate, and fruit punch notes."

Origin: Ethiopia 

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1900 Meters

Roast Level: City  -  ROAST LEVELS


Farm Story

Mr. Tekleye Bogale has been working in coffee for most of his life. In 1966, Mr. Tekleye's father moved to Nensebo fromNorthern Shewa in Central Ethiopia, bringing the rest of his family with him shortly after. Growing up around coffee, Mr. Tekleye remembers many industry challenges that his family farm has faced over the years. From 1971-1975 their farm was devastated by a fungus outbreak. In 1988, new disease-resistant varieties had made their way to Nensebo, and farmers, including Mr. Tekleye and his father, began harvesting varietals including74110, 74112, 74158, 74165, and 741.

Mr. Tekleye has held a farmer-exporter license as of 2020. He has been able to process his own coffee and his efforts have brought him notoriety in the industry. In 2020 he won 15th place in the Cup of Excellence awards in Ethiopia, he also placed 4th in an outstanding coffee farmers competition in Woreda. He hopes to continue improving cup quality by making more investments into his business in the future.