Roasting Levels Explained

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City & City+

City roasts are the lightest of the roast levels, and City+ is a roast slightly more developed than City. These are both very common roast levels that you will find with many of our single-origins coffees. 

  • City: lightest roast level - most caffeine 
  • City+: second to lightest roast level - balanced & more body
  • Taste: bright, citrus, sweet, juicy, light body, fresh fruit
  • Smell: malt, sweet, floral, herbal




Full City & Full City+

Full City roasts would commonly be known as a medium roast or a lighter espresso roast, while Full City+ would be a typical espresso roast found at Kings Arms. 

  • Full City: standard medium roast - can be used as a lighter espresso
  • Full City+: espresso roast - darkest roast level we carry
  • Taste: balanced, bittersweet, medium body, fresh fruit
  • Smell: chocolate, ripe berry, caramel, nutty 

Full City

Full City+



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